Lidia de Pedro - Ruinas Circulares / by James Woodward

From November 22nd until the 26th, Lidia de Pedro will launch an exhibition at the 114 Church Street, exploring the progression of her work over the last 10 years through 100 pieces.

This forms a unique opportunity to see a collection of works created with different techniques and styles by an ever-evolving artist who has enjoyed success with multiple sold-out solo shows in the past.

Lidia’s thoughtful art is ripe with symbolism and iconoclastic imagery, tackling complex sociological topics with a dose of humour and sarcasm. Her unique blend of classicism and modernism has been described as vivid, warm and empathetic - yet also dark and hallucinatory. Having produced a large body of work over the last decade, she has regularly exhibited throughout the UK, including various solo shows and shared exhibits alongside internationally renowned artists such as Peter Blake, Modern Toss, Dan Baldwin and Pure Evil.

The exhibition will feature paintings, original sketches, prints and posters, both on display and for sale and will be open every day from 11am to 9pm, with opening events planned for the 22nd (11am - 1pm, tea & sweets and 6pm - 9pm, free drinks) and a closing party on the 26th from 6pm - 11pm.

For a full overview of Lidia’s work, you can visit