David Henty - The Art of Copying / by James Woodward

The next pop up at 114 Church Street is an exhibition by Brighton based forger turned copyist artist David Henty, entitled 'The Art of Copying'.

A convicted forger, David learnt to paint whilst in prison and has since become one of the UK's most renowned copyist artists. 'The Art of Copying' will feature 40 meticulous copies of works by Picasso, Modigliani, Lowry, Basquiat and more. The exhibition is only on for one week, running from the 24th to the 29th of May, so you don't have long to catch it.

David has created quite a stir in the media over the past couple of weeks and we've had no end of calls from both media wanting to cover it and the public wanting to come and see it. He's been featured on pretty much every main news channel and the media will be there to film at the opening tonight.

114 Church Street is now available for pop up bookings year round. If you would like to use the space for a pop up exhibition, shop or event, please get in touch.

Posted by James